• By jason
  • October 4, 2016

No marketing for the marketing agency

No marketing for the marketing agency

The landscaper’s lawn, the plumber’s pipes, all fall into my category. The professional with little time for themselves.

Well, after nine hard fought, successful months of starting my own agency, I have finally decided I will break the trend and begin blogging about the experiences and projects that our growing agency experiences. Let’s start from the top…

For 11+ years I worked at a publishing agency turned marketing agency and learned a lot along the way. I learned to always put the client first, and to treat clients, co-workers, and even competitors as people you were always happy to see. I discovered that I love what I do, and love seeing other businesses grow from successful marketing initiatives.

In the later years, I also learned that I was ready for more. Ready to improve upon processes, bottom lines, project outcomes, and employee (and self) satisfaction. I was ready to captain my own ship. So in 2016, Pin Tight Marketing was born in downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts with the idea to be a small but growing marketing agency in which we work with B-to-B, and B-to-C clients that need guidance in their planning, measurement, and implementation of all marketing endeavors. To make them look better, operate more efficiently, and improve the ROI of advertising. Doing all of this, while enjoying the process along the way.

Full transparency, in depth education, and well developed trust allows our clients to understand what we are doing and the goals we are striving towards. Becoming each clients marketing department, but at a fraction of the price of hiring numerous employees. Our graphics team led by Craig Boudria continues to grow, learn, and excel, while we implement new technologies to improve our project management and digital offerings for better efficiency and returns.

Our team has rounded out with the addition of a junior designer, copywriter (disclaimer: this blog is free thought by the owner with margin writing skills, not the copywriter), and an established base of partners in photography, video, advanced programming, and more. These partners are invaluable to an agency of our size, and choosing them is crucial to keeping the vision of our agency.

I look forward to writing more this fall and in coming years. I hope to bring experiences and case studies from our projects to marketers and business owners on the Southcoast…






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